Monday, November 26, 2007

Rest In Peace, Riley (Baby Grace)

Thank God the monsters who are responsible for murdering this innocent and defenseless child are behind bars. May they never see the light of day again.

This horrific and unthinkable crime has ripped my heart into tiny shreds. I don't think they deserve to have their guilt or innocence debated in a court of law. They have admitted to committing this atrocity--let's save taxpayer money and avoid lengthy trials and appeals by going straight to the penalty phase. And let's save the taxpayers the expense of medically-supervised lethal injections--2 well placed bullets would get the job done much quicker.

And finally let's bury their cold, lifeless bodies in plastic storage bins. Maybe in a nice warm landfill, somewhere.

Now, I feel much better. Don't you?


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Simply Curious said...

After clicking and reading the details of that, I sat and stared at that little girl's photo for about half an hour before I started to imagine exactly when she went through. A tiny little thing. Innocent. I just can't understand it. Not for a second. I can understand getting pissed off and smacking your kid. I mean, I'm Irish. I know all about yard sticks and standing in the corner and getting my mouth washed out with soap. But my God...this poor, poor baby. I don't think people like them even deserve the death penalty. Why put them out of their misery at all? Let them live 100 long, suffering years in prison, where he can become someone's bitch and she can become someone's punching bag. They don't put up with people like them in prison. No way.