Thursday, December 06, 2007

Tasting Blood

I think I have bitten my tongue so hard, and so many times lately, that I'm pretty sure I'm tasting blood.

My nephew is driving me absolutely bonkers, with his 13-year-old attitude. You know, the talking back, the sarcasm, the blatant defiance. Aaauuuggghhhh! I am trapped in the Twilight Zone with an adolescent monster! (And he isn't even talking to ME, he's talking to his grandmother--my mother-in-law! With whom I am still living, you remember.) If he were mine, I would have already backhanded him into another dimension.

Will I survive the next year or so, while hubby finishes college??? At times, I wonder.


1 comment:

SingingSkies said...

Oh, those glorious teen years!

Long, slow, deep breaths are in order. (plus some creative outlet for the stored up anger?)

Just remember, you've survived this far one day at a time and I suspect you'll be able to survive the time remaining until your husband graduates the same way.