Sunday, November 18, 2007

Giving Thanks: The Update

Well, sister-in-law showed up today, pretty much when she said she would, to celebrate her and her son's birthday! I was mildly stunned. She stayed about two conflict-free hours and promised to come back on Thanksgiving.

Another thing to give thanks for! Wonders never cease. Nephew turned 13, today. He's had so much sorrow and conflict in his young life. Even more than my daughter, who grew up with drug-addicted parents, but never had to endure the shame and trauma of being removed from her parents' home. (Because, even caught in the throes of active addiction, she always came first. Always. And I feel awfully proud of the job we did raising her and of the person she became. Some things we did right.)

He really deserved to have the kind of birthday he had today.


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