Sunday, November 11, 2007

Is It a Birthday or an Anniversary?

I wish I had something controversial or thought-provoking to write about today, because today I have been a blogger for two years! (So, am I celebrating the birth of my blog or my anniversary as a blogger??) I spent a little time reviewing the postings I published over the last couple of years with mixed emotions. There were some very bad memories conjured up, some good times re-lived, some political statements--not all of them politically correct, and lots of whining. I have enjoyed being able to "get it all out" so to speak, and not worry about what anyone close to me might say or think.

Either way, I have absolutely nothing of significance to write about, today I had a positively relaxing weekend with my husband and daughter, both of whom came home from college this weekend! (I am still worried off and on about what hubby might be "up to", but he'll either make it or he won't, and then I will know what direction to take the rest of my life, right? Right at this moment, he seems to be doing really well.) My sister-in-law still doesn't "get it", and just keeps asking what she would have to do to get custody of her son again. She's back with her third ex-husband, again, although she insists she won't remarry him, this after having spent the last month or so with the second ex-husband. Here's a clue for her: GET A JOB! She's got to establish stability and prove that she can maintain her sobriety and a stable environment to get her son back. DUH!

I almost wish I felt strongly about O.J. Simpson's armed robbery trial, the political maneuvering of the potential presidential candidates, MRSA, or the crisis within the Pakistani government.

I think I am having an attack of apathy.....

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