Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Happy New Year to You!!

Christmas is two days behind us now. We had a very good Christmas this year, but it has left all of us drained. We are all so-o-o-o-o tired. Tomorrow my husband, my daughter, and I are all going to go to Houston to visit my dad and brother. So, in spite of being very tired, I had to do the Wally World thing and wash clothes and pack.

Today, a friend called to ask for a ride to an appointment. So, I gave her a lift. Then, as a result of my kindness, I got drawn into her side of a conflict in her family. NOT where I wanted to be! Seems her hubby got his mother to come get him from the drug rehab facility where he has been, due to an altercation that he got into there. But the two of them neglected to tell my friend! She took it personally, of course. And to make matters worse, he started using again LESS THAN 24 HOURS AFTER LEAVING REHAB. What a dumbass. But, I love both of these people, my friend and her hubby (who was really a friend of mine before she was). I just hope he can get straight before I find myself attending his funeral....

As a result of our trip, I will not be able to post again until early January. So, HAPPY NEW YEAR! (Is it still politically correct to say that??? I lose track of what's okay from day to day.)

Stay safe. PLEASE, don't drink and drive. And DON'T DO DRUGS!! PLEASE!!!

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