Saturday, January 07, 2006

It's All a Big Mystery...

It's all a big mystery...why do bad things happen to good people? That's been the question for all millenia. I felt so much sorrow for the families of the 12 miners who were killed in the mining accident this week--talk about being jerked around. ("Miscommunication", my ass.) Also, I think the mine owners should be brought up on charges if the investigation reveals that the 200+ safety violations had gone uncorrected...that would make them guilty of negligent homicide.

What a way to start 2006!

My first week of the new year was not bad at all. I got to see my father and brother for several days right before New Year's Day, and they were both doing well. My dad has become quite a good cook since my mom died. He had turkey and dressing waiting for us when we got there! I was really impressed. Now, when I got back to work, I had to play "catch-up" but even that wasn't too awful. Got most of it done, and what I had to leave undone will be there when I get back after the weekend, won't it?

I just haven't had a chance to bring my blog up to date on some things: Right before Christmas, my husband had his final court appearance on his drug charges. In October, he pled guilty and was admitted into an intensive program called "Drug Court". It involves court-ordered meetings 3 evenings each week, including urine testing at least once each week, AND an appearance before a judge 1 morning each week to discuss the urine screen and other issues related to recovery, AND must make 3 NA or AA meetings each week. Pretty intense. But his actual sentencing was 2 days before Christmas. He was given 5 years at hard labor, suspended, 5 years of supervised probation and fines totaling around $2500. And he has to continue and successfully complete all three phases of "Drug Court". If he does ALL of these things, they will remove the felony conviction from his record.

And so, life goes on....(but at least now, we have hit rock bottom and started back up!)

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Ron Franscell said...

Keep your head up. Keep pointed forward. Keep a good thought. And keep on keepin' on. It'll get better.