Sunday, December 11, 2005

Random Thoughts

The weekend is winding down. My daughter has gone back to Baton Rouge for final exams and I have one more week of work, before Christmas break. When she gets done in B. Rouge, she is going to go to Arkansas for a few days to see a friend there, and be home before Christmas. I don't know if I like the arrangement, but there's very little I can do about it.

We went to a mall yesterday in a city south of here. (The damage from Hurricane Rita was still painfully obvious in every area of the city.) What a mistake. You couldn't take a deep breath without bumping into another human body. I waited in line at one store for almost 40 minutes to check out. It's just not worth it. While I absolutely detest shopping at Wally World, I hated the mall experience even more. Ugh! It was NOT worth the two-hour round trip. Point in Wally World's favor? The local store had "Merry Christmas" painted on both of its entrances.

Bravo! Let's here it for guts. The managers at Wal-Mart are to be commended for NOT caving to popular political agendas that want to eliminate every reference to our dieties from daily life.

Governor Schwarzenegger still has not taken a definite stand on Tookie. I still think his sentence of death should be carried out.

I am so very tired. Merry Christmas to you.

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