Monday, December 19, 2005

So, Here We Are

Many days have gone by since my last post, and much has happened.

The most significant thing is that my incredible daughter has finished her finals, her first semester of college, and come home--sort of. She came home, but left the next morning to spend a few days with a (male) friend in Arkansas. (Am I crazy??? Yeah, maybe. But we have had that talk, more than once, and I believe she is aware that sex, even one time-unprotected, can ruin her life in more ways than one, NOT counting pregnancy. So, I'm more worried that she will have car trouble or be involved in an accident than of her coming home pregnant.) She's earned a few days away from school AND family. She'll be home a few days before Christmas, and stay until the next semester begins around the middle of January. She finished the semester with two A's and two B's.

The next most signigicant event: I AM FINISHED WORKING UNTIL JANUARY 3! Hooray! My office will be open three days the week after Christmas, but I asked both of my supervisors for those days and January 2 off, and they both agreed. So I will have more than 2 weeks off and use only four days of my annual leave. As the younger generations says, "SWEET!"

So, now I have to concentrate on finishing the Christmas shopping. Hope everyone out there has as wonderful a Christmas as I intend to have. I hope to have a little more to add tomorrow. Husband goes for sentencing on Friday of this week. We are optimistic that any jail time he would have to serve will be suspended since he has been doing so well on his drug screens (ALL clean) and attending the required 3 outside meetings a week in addition to the 4 weekly meetings of the drug court. Please keep us in your prayers....

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