Sunday, December 04, 2005


Today I went "geocaching", for the first time. (You need a handheld GPS unit. If you've never heard of the sport, follow the link in the title for answers to frequently asked questions.) It was so much fun! Husband had gone once previously and found the first of two "caches" hidden in the same area. He waited until I could go along to locate the second. Wasn't that sweet of him? Anyway, we found the cache--no easy feat, using only coordinates and the GPS unit--and brought the camera back for developing at the request of the person who created this particular cache.

This cache was in a heavily wooded area along a creek, near a small natural cave formation. Likely the ONLY cave in our area. We had visited the cave many years ago, and it was so heartening to see that it hasn't been desecrated or vandalized. It still looks EXACTLY the same as it always has.

And then the rain started. So, I'm glad we got out of the house early and went to the woods when we did.

Yesterday, I went to the Christmas parade and then to the "Miracle on Washington Street" festival downtown, where a did just a little Christmas shopping. Not a bad weekend!!

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Welcome to the Geocaching Community! Great to have another cacher with a blog. Our blog is called Jestcaching

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