Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Tragic, but Wonderful

Hi! What a tragic, and yet wonderful, weekend we had. My husband and I travelled across the state to where our daughter attends college to take her to a rock concert that she has just been dying to see. 3 Doors Down--what an awesome band! One of the few contemporary bands I own CD's by! (I also own 3 Green Day CD's but we will have to analyze that at another time...) Anyway, the concert was cancelled--the drummer's wife went into premature labor and he flew home to be present when his son was born. Admirable, but a real bummer for those of us who had tickets to hear this band perform. What a tragedy.

So, we spent the weekend with her anyway. Took her to a veterans' memorial museum and out to eat, then to a movie. Saw "Jarheads". (What a strange movie. Very sad ending.) And we had a really good time with her. So it turned out to be a wonderful weekend, after all, just not what we had expected.

Today was SO peaceful. Neither of my supervisors (I have two) made any unexpected requests of me, so I actually got a lot of work done! It's so great, being able to set my own priorities for each day, and then actually accomplishing all I set out to do! AND I get to listen to my favorite music (at a very low volume, of course), since I don't share space with any of my coworkers. At the risk of sounding like a "nerd", I love my job!

Does anybody use the word "nerd" anymore?

Well, away I go.
Love, Rita

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