Saturday, March 29, 2008


The amniocentesis was ... I don't want to say it was a lie, but ... let's just say it may or may not happen. When I asked my sister-in-law when it was scheduled she said her doctor was not really going to "schedule" it, he was just going to "do" it afterhours one day, because he "knows her financial situation". So, anyway, I asked her how long she would have to wait for the results. She said, "Oh, I will get them right away". What a ditz. I looked the procedure up at and found out that they can determine fetal maturity from amniotic fluid immediately (and so determine a due date), but that real results about genetic or developmental defects takes up to 14 days. It didn't sound like something a kind-hearted doctor would do after clinic hours and without any support staff.

She is quite determined to keep the child, and has started talking about names, etc.

Privately, I don't believe she is pregnant. I think she is telling everyone this to jerk some sympathy out of her parents, who long ago lost any sympathy they felt for her. She won't even try to help herself, so why should they knock themselves out trying to help her? I figure that in a couple of months, she will tell everyone that she miscarried.

(I really must work on this cynicism.)


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