Saturday, January 05, 2008

...And a Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone! We had a really pleasant visit with my dad and brother. We went with dad to Space Center Houston, he hadn't been in years and seemed to thoroughly enjoy it. We had turkey & dressing one day, Dad cooked pancakes for me one morning, and I fixed traditional blackeye peas and cabbage for New Year's Day. Hubby and daughter came home a couple of days before New Year's Day, I came back a couple days after. So peaceful and relaxing!
I didn't realize how badly I needed the downtime.

Christmas was great, too! We had no drama.

Now, I am back at both jobs. My primary job at the school board office has gotten, interesting? (Yeah, that's a nice way to say it.) The superintendent's executive assistant (who is 73 years old) had major back surgery in November, and won't be back at work until February at the earliest. Her day-to-day duties (such as opening the superintendent's mail, entering time and attendance data in the computer system, and typing routine correspondence) have been distributed among the central office secretarial staff, but I have volunteered to put together packets to mail to all school board members before each school board meeting, notify the area newspapers of upcoming meetings, publish and post agendas for the meetings, attend all the board meetings to take and transcribe the minutes, and attend the school administrator meetings for the same purpose.

I must be quite mad.

My actual duties of entering new employees into the payroll system, processing background checks, maintaining lists of substitute staff for all 13 schools in the parish, and attending all discipline hearings to take minutes and mail certified notices after each one, are really not getting done in a timely manner. But, both of my supervisor's are aware of my workload, which helps. But, I feel that by demonstrating my willingness and ability to perform the duties of the executive assistant, I will be giving myself an edge when she actually does retire. And she's 73! She is certainly entitled to retire any time now!

Stress? Oh, yeah, baby. You better believe it. I've come to realize that I actually THRIVE on it
Maybe my hubby's right...I'm definitely a Type-A personality.

Catch you later....

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