Monday, December 24, 2007


At t-minus 3 days and counting, here is my Christmas wish to all:
I wish you peace, joy, and prosperity (heavy on the "peace"). May your holiday be filled with family and friends. And, I hope everyone has a safe, memorable Christmas.

Now, for my Christmas story:
My sister-in-law and her ex-husband #3/current live-in had a tremendous fight a week or so ago, and he ran her off. Actually he had someone drop her off at a motel in Dallas, without her car and penniless. When she came to her senses, she called home and sobbed and cried that she wanted to come home. Her parents told her it just wouldn't work out, because they have to consider the impact on her 13-year-old son, of whom they have custody; and she has not made any effort in the last three years to get clean, get a job, and get her life together. So, a day or two later, they get a call from the Jasper police. She has been arrested for being drunk/disorderly and disturbing the peace, but has been so incoherent ever since that they took her to the hospital. She had no booze in her system, but did have meth and lots of xanax. She sobered up, the police dropped the charges, and she walked.

Two days later....(Dec.23)
She comes here to visit with her son and give him his Christmas presents. She is so blitzed that she can't keep her eyes open. She falls asleep in a rocking chair and wakes up awhile later in a blind rage...accusing her parents of stealing her money while she was asleep, screaming at her son and her brother (my husband), and generally making a total a** of herself...and then she left. She left a full bottle of (her ex's) xanax on the table, so she'll be back. Joy, joy.

Other than that litttle "hiccup", we are trying very hard to have a peaceful, relaxing Christmas. My father-in-law was diagnosed with prostate cancer a couple of weeks ago, so he's pretty bummed. He is scheduled for surgery Jan. 11, and we are hopeful that it was caught early enough that it hasn't spread.

Still, we are trying to make the best of the season. My daughter and husband are home until mid-January, which is nice. Most of the shopping is done. We will be going to Porter, N. of Houston, after Christmas to stay with my dad and brother through the New Year's holiday.

So, I'll catch you on the flip side!



Anonymous said...

I wish you and yours the very best Christmas yet, free of drama and full of love...

SingingSkies said...

Hope you've had a truly wonderful Christmas, one filled with peace and joy!