Friday, January 25, 2008


I really must try to post more often. I started this blog because it's cheaper than a therapist, and it has been truly cathartic. I know others are bound to grow weary of my ranting and moaning, but it would have eaten me alive if I hadn't managed to get it out somewhere. The last three or so years have been the wildest roller coaster ride you could ever imagine: drug abuse, arrests, husband in rehab, living with in-laws, having both my husband and my daughter in college full-time, holding down two jobs, living with in-laws who now have custody of their daughter's son, and now....taking up the slack for a co-worker at my full-time job who had back surgery--in November!! (Not necessarily by choice, but I would like to have that position one day, so I didn't mind.)

The pressure was unreal. I didn't know I could operate under that much strain. This co-worker has duties that include providing packets to all 10 school board members containing information to be discussed at school board meetings, printing and publishing agendas for the school board meetings, attending those meetings to take down the minutes, and then transcribing the minutes for distribution and publication!

All while I did my regular job: attending discipline hearings to take minutes, typing notices after each hearing, sending parent notices via certified mail and making sure all administrators receive copies. Enter W-4 and L-4 tax deductions and direct deposit info in payroll system for new permanent employees. Process applications for new substitute employees. Maintain substitute teacher lists for all 13 parish schools. Conduct background checks on all new substitute and permanent employees. Update job vacancies on the school board website.

And then there are the special requests. One board member wanted a 10-year history of discipline hearings: How many hearings for each year, and a breakdown by reason codes.

"Sure," I said, when my supervisor came to ask if I could gather the information.

Like I said, I didn't know I could withstand that much pure pressure! (And I still have my other job, two hours every evening doing homework with 4-12 graders and monitoring the computer lab.) But, HOORAY, my co-worker comes back to work on Monday! She will start with 4 hours each day, and work up to a full day as her doctor allows.

HALLELUJAH! Praise God! (And I mean that quite sincerely--He has seen me through some really tough times of late. I know what that single set of footprints in the sand means.) And I want to say "Thank you" to all of the ladies in my office who did the small, but time-consuming things like open my mail, make phone calls for me, and help me make folders for all of the new employees.


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SingingSkies said...

The beauty of blogging is that, from time to time, the need to be heard by someone becomes overwhelming yet it may not feel safe to rant and moan directly to those we know face to face. It serves as a wonderful release valve, even if it's not apparent that anyone has even seen the words you've written.

I'm not a journaler; however, blogging has given me a forum for journaling at some level. Sometimes I go back and see previous posts and marvel at how things have changed or how they've stayed the same.

You've been carrying quite a load for some time. A safe place to let go is essential!!

Sounds like the double job you're doing right now is a real pressure cooker. Good thing you have a support system in place to help you through! Hang in there!!