Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Really Bummed

It seemed like a good idea at the time.... Famous last words. So, hubby thought he would be saving us money by moving into student housing, saving money on gas for the commute. Instead, I find that he is hard to get hold of by phone and he keeps putting crap on our (my) credit card. I can't see what exactly, but I can see when. And it's way too much, way too often. So I cancelled the card this afternoon.

I am not sure what he is up to, but my gut tells me he's up to NO GOOD. (Now, where would I get an idea like THAT???)

So, anyway, I'm really bummed.

But I do have good news! I was asked to fill in for someone at work who is going to have surgery. If I do well in this person's absence, then when this person retires in just a couple of years, I may be considered to fill their position. It would be a nice advancement with a substantial raise! The trick is going to be making sure all my own work stays somewhat caught up...


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