Thursday, September 13, 2007


Wow. Go to bed knowing that it's going to be a rainy, miserable day going to work the next day due to a tropical storm...get a call the next morning from your supervisor saying not to report for work because of Hurricane Humberto! What a nice(?) surprise! (Having stayed around for Hurricane Rita, I know that this will be a "minor" hurricane, so I can say this.) Okay....

So, anyway, I really love LOVE stormy, rainy, days. I like them best if I can sit at home and enjoy them, though, so this is almost too good to be true. Is that weird?

No verdict yet on whether husband is screwing up or not. He calls in often enough, and doesn't sound messed up. But he's still put what I consider
way too much on the credit card--some of it as cash advances.

I have decided to put it out of my mind, for now. I have to--for my own sanity. I have too much going on at work myself to be distracted and preoccupied with whether he is doing what he is supposed to or not. He will either pass or fail, and then I'll know and can take the appropriate action. Right?

I think I will go out on the deck and watch the storm, now. And then maybe I will take a nap...



SingingSkies said...

Sorry I've not wandered through more regularly. Could it be that he's shifted one addiction for another? I'm not talking drugs, mind you, but something which could easily take money and time away from more productive pursuits. Sometimes that happens in recovery.

And you're right. You do have to take care of yourself and your own sanity. I'm sure you're aware that whether he passes or fails is not contingent on anything you do or do not do. We each have to wrestle the "demons" we face. Having the right kind of support from the sidelines is great, but it's still a personal battle.

(((((hugs)))) Hang in there and take care of yourself!

btw - great pictures! Did the water get any higher or did it stop there?

Love, Rita said...

Thanks for stopping by...before it was all over, the water came up enough to float that log in the top photo out of the field of view shown.

It was pretty messy, but there was no real damage to speak of in our area.

Thanks, again!

Anonymous said...

Okay, so what do you do—trust your instincts, or trust your husband?

Tust your gut. That feeling you have doesn't necessarily mean a full-blown relapse, but it COULD mean the beginning of one.

Could it be a case of too much freedom, too fast?

Either way, stay strong in your own sobriety and don't let his struggles detract from your own fight.

Much love,