Saturday, September 01, 2007

Crazy Train, Part II

Okay, so the crazy train has made a whistle stop. Things are (relatively) peaceful and calm right now. We are in a stable pattern of activity that should continue for the next couple weeks, at least. Hubby has moved into on-campus housing at college. His plans are to stay Monday-Thursday at school, then come home every weekend. Cost? $450/mo. housing versus $600/mo. gas expenses for the commute. And, he got a student loan to cover the actual housing costs, so I will only have to kick in a couple hundred for food, his share of electricity, etc.

What I HAD planned to do with the monthly savings was rent a very small apartment and move out of my in-laws place. What I actually WILL do in the wake of my daughter's auto accident is try to find another vehicle for her to use in Baton Rouge with payments that fit into my budget. Along with the insurance of course. Kinda looks like I will be with the in-laws awhile longer. Which is not so bad most of the time...

Sister-in-law (the alcoholic) has flaked out again. She left the drug-dealing ex-husband (#3), and hooked up with her first ex. He swears he still has feelings for her and took her in, of course, since she was basically homeless. He has had a recent drinking problem of his own, which resulted in a former employer asking for his resignation in lieu of having a dismissal in his personnel file. I don't see this living arrangement as being something with lasting potential.

There is a court date looming this week, 9/6/07. Nephew's father (sister-in-law's ex #2) has agreed to allow my in-laws to have full custody, with the understanding that he can pretty much have visitation whenever he wants. (He works in Mississippi, so I really don't expect there to be a problem with him taking his son for a day or two when he is home.) I don't even know if my sister-in-law has been served with the papers, since she is a virtual transient. So, she may not even show up! She calls her son every couple of days, assuring him that he won't be living at grandmother's house for very long. She is so in denial about what has happened. I don't really think she can even remember most of the last couple years--that's when her teaching contract was not renewed due to excess absences. She has been unemployed for that long. It's really very sad.

I am still working two jobs, loving one and hating the other. I have looked for another part-time job, but I am not willing to work a full shift in the afternoon once I leave my first job, so my options are limited. Plus, I would never be able to make this hourly rate of pay ($10/hr.) at any retail store or private daycare! (However, if the pay was right, I might work weekends.) So, I persevere, knowing that the blood, sweat, and tears will pay off once my husband has that degree in hand. I try hard not to dwell on how tired I am ALL THE TIME!

This too shall pass....



Anonymous said...

I'm really happy to hear that things seem to be looking up for you and your family.

How fortunate that your daughter is okay and your husband has the opportunity to better himself.

Here's to you finding happiness in the job market!

Your friend in Oregon,


Anonymous said...

Update time! How are things?