Wednesday, February 01, 2006

What a LONG, STRANGE Trip It's Been...

Crazy...that's me!

Now I will fill you in on what's been going on. I just came from a job interview for a part-time job after work. (Go ahead and say it. I'm crazy and I know it.) I think I got the job, as an after-school tutor. It will only be for a couple of hours each day, so it won't be too bad. And the pay is out of this world. $15/hour! That's more per hour than I make at my primary job--I make $9.25/hour there, but I'm not about to give up that job. I worked too hard to GET it!

The reason I seem to have taken leave of my senses is that spouse has gone back to college full-time. Fully paid for by Vocational Rehabilitation. (Did you know that drug addiction is a disability? And he found out last summer that he is a diabetic, also a disability.) He is working on finishing his Associate of Science degree, so that he can become a certified medical laboratory technician. He only has about a year to go, with the college credits he already had on his transcripts.

But that leaves us in dire straits financially, especially given the fines and probation costs we now have to pay every month, hence my needing a second job. Also, it goes without saying that we will be living with his parents awhile longer.

I can do this, I know.

So, the roller coaster of life makes another twist. (I always hated roller coasters, though.)

And that line from "Truckin'" by the Grateful Dead is stuck in my head:


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