Sunday, January 22, 2006

Legislating Morality

Nowhere in the Bible is drinking (alcohol) condemned. Jesus Christ, himself, turned water into wine in one of his first miracles. Public drunkenness and drinking to excess, however, are considered sins...

I begin this post in this way to justify my utter disgust that the proposition which would have allowed alcohol sales in the extreme eastern district of our parish was defeated. In typical "head-in-the-sand" fashion, the church groups got together and convinced enough people that allowing alcohol sales would produce a spike in the number of alcohol-related traffic accidents and fatalities. Not to mention that allowing the sale of alcoholic beverages would likely make it more easily obtainable by underage teenagers.


Banning the sale of alcohol NEVER kept anyone from drinking...they just have to drive to the next parish and spend their tax dollars THERE, instead! And the underage teens who want to drink are still going to sneak into their parents' liquor cabinet and do it!!

What banning alcohol sales WILL do is keep this area economically depressed. No chance of new entertainment businesses rolling in needing to hire new employees, is there? And "entertainment" doesn't have to mean strip clubs. Family restaurants that also sell alcohol enjoy greater revenue flow than those that don't. A few local nightclubs featuring rock or country music might actually keep impaired drivers from having to travel long distances home.

But maybe that's the goal of these radical religious groups...control of the population by controlling their options for recreation?? (We don't even get to have a movie theater!)

It's really quite sad.


Karen said...

After your comment on my site (left as you blog-surfed by), I clicked over to take a peek at your blog. After reading this post all I have to say is "Amen Sister!". Your rant on banning the sale of alcohol (and about a zillion other things that the religious right would love to see banned in this country) is well said.

Alcohol is a legal substance (for those of legal age of course). Why would any governing body desire to hand revenue to a neighboring district rather than keep it at home to benefit its own citizens (who are now driving to another place to spend their money)? Why is it so easy for people to watch their own personal choices being taken away one by one and seem OK to justify it happening by agreeing that "it's all in the name of the greater good"..."it's going to prevent something bad from happening", etc. I's hogwash. So...rant on, I'll rant with you!

Mischief Kitty said...

You go girl! I agree with you completely, it is stupid to ban something in one area when people can just drive a ways to get it.

I guess some people are happy as long as they feel that their little corner of the world is 'morally safe'.

No matter how hard they may try, the government cannot (and should not!) give us morals. on!

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