Saturday, July 09, 2011

The Abandoned Blog

My poor blog has been abandoned. I can't even begin to describe how overwhelming it would be to try to recap every event from the past 18 months! My husband (clean and sober for many months, now) has been unemployed for around a year, now. So much for the achievement of going back to college to finish his Associate degree, right? He had a short stint in a temporary position, and was eligible for some unemployment as a result, but that ran out after just a couple of months.

My salary, however, is *almost* enough. We dip into savings just enough to get from paycheck to paycheck, but the student loans are seriously delinquent. *Sigh*

Still there is some joy...our daughter got married in October 2010, and moved with her husband to Daytona Beach, FL. She is so very happy, and when she's happy, the parents are happy, too!

The political scene is infuriating and the unemployment situation/economy is way beyond depressing; but I love my job, my husband and I are relatively healthy, my daughter is happy, and we have food to eat, cars to drive and a roof over our heads.

Couldn't ask for much more, could I?


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