Sunday, December 20, 2009

Just FYI

Just FYI: I got the promotion I had been hoping for, quit my part-time job, we moved out of my in-laws' home, rented one of our own, and my husband turned in his notice and moved back from Houston! (He now has six months' experience with which to begin job-hunting here in Louisiana.)

He isn't sure how he feels about being back just yet. He loved his job, but truly hated living in Houston. His daily commute was one hour in each direction. Because of the cost of gasoline, meals, and helping my dad with expenses, we weren't really saving any money. The experience will prove to be invaluable, however, so it wasn't for nothing.

My new job as the Executive Assistant to the Superintendent will be challenging. It's proving to be especially so, these first few weeks, since they have chosen not to hire for my previous position until after the first of 2010. Several of my co-workers are helping me, by assuming some of my previous data entry and filing duties. (They are so awesome.) Still, I am struggling to make sure I meet all of the demands of my new position, while ensuring that the most critical duties of the other position are completed. I am actually working more hours, now, than I was when I had two jobs! But, I have been assured that they will fill my previous position in January. I can do this....

And, woohoo! Our office is closed all week, and I took the three days off after Christmas for a total of TWO WEEKS OFF! I may regret it when I return (read: extra workload), but I won't think about that just now. I can sure use the downtime.


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SingingSkies said...

WOOHOO! Glad to hear the good news, even if things are a bit hectic right now.