Friday, September 19, 2008

Dry Ice

Two hurricanes this month. Not good. Ike was more intense than Gustav, but neither one caused any real damage where I live.

My dad, who lives in Porter, TX, (about 50 mi. N. of Houston) got pounded by Ike. No damage to their mobile home, but now they are without electricity, water, and phone service. And one shed got crushed when a tree fell on it. They have given him a tentative date of October 5, for his power to be restored.

So, my in-laws have graciously invited him to come stay with us, in their motor home. At first, Dad (who is 74), said he would just try to tough it out, but yesterday he called to say he had changed his mind. Three weeks without any electricity/water is just too much. My brother will stay...he was told to report to work! (Apparently, Humble has power.)

Now, dry ice. I am aware that dumping dry ice into hurricanes would release CO2 gas into an already greenhouse gas-filled atmosphere, but would it produce enough of a cooling effect to weaken these potentially destructive storms a bit? I mean, they are already flying into and around them gathering data, couldn't they try something to reduce the energy they contain??
I believe that if it worked, it might be worth whatever miniscule increase in global warming occurs.

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SingingSkies said...

Glad to hear you're ok!

It sure is frustrating, isn't it?

I'm not home yet, but power is back on almost all around my house. Of course, I'm one of the 35 homes that is still powerless.

My mom, who lives in Houston, is powerless, as well. Looks like it will indeed be a while before hers comes back.

Since she has heart problems, I'm not about to head back with her to a place with no power!

I'm ohh! soooo Ready for normal to come around again. At least, this time I have a timeframe for it!