Friday, October 12, 2007


Well, this has been a week of sad truths. Our country is in deep trouble and it isn't from the economic impact of the war on Iraq, the terrorist threat from radical religious groups (note that I did NOT single out Muslims), or even the lack of action on illegal immigration. The biggest threat our country faces is...ourselves. That's right. The United States of America is under attack from within--from its own citizens.

Almost every day, now, there is a random shooting spree somewhere in the country. October 5, 2007: A man walked into a law office right here in Alexandria, LA, and shot five people, killing two. A couple days ago, it was in Ohio: A 14-year-old kid opened fire in a school, shooting four. We can't forget the deputy in Wisconsin, who recently shot several people then killed himself. And the massacre at Virginia Tech. The shooting at the Amish school. And Columbine.

So, how should we, as a nation, react when a 14-year-old is found to have a massive collection of assault rifles and explosive devices, some of which were purchased for him by his MOTHER???

Here's what they found:

Here's where he got the stuff:

Our only consolation is that the authorities showed a rare flash of actual backbone, and arrested the mother, as well.

So, do I believe gun control is the answer? ABSOLUTELY NOT! The answer is for us to rise up and demand that parents become parents again, and monitor everything their children do until such time as they are self-supporting adults. We are not our child's best friend--they don't even have to like us much! But they DO have to respect our wishes (Random thought insertion: think "NO saggy pants!") and we MUST expect them to live up to our expectations. This is the responsibility we assume when we become parents--a responsibility which is possibly the furthest thing from our minds during the act which creates a new life, but one which has lifelong ramifications individually and for society in general!

Addressing this problem literally "in childhood" will cure a host of ills affecting our country today, possibly preserving our nation in the process. It's a matter of national security!

Please take care.

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