Thursday, August 09, 2007

When Your Worst Nightmare Comes True...

So, what do you do when your WORST NIGHTMARE comes true? Suggestions are welcome!

I knew this was a possibility, I wrote about it months ago. My sister-in-law, her nephew, and her ex-husband have come to live with us. Remember now, I live with my husband's parents. There are now 7 people in the house and, when my daughter comes home, eight. It's a three-bedroom house. "Crowded" doesn't even begin to describe the situation. She is still unemployed, and seems content that way, but at least she seems relatively sober. Her (disabled) ex-husband stays fairly strung out on painkillers, but he did have a catastrophic accident a few years ago that may still result in his losing a leg. I suspect that they also dabble a bit in methamphetamine--I have done that and more in the past, and can pretty well identify the signs.

I hope (and PRAY) that their being here doesn't derail my husband's recovery and his goals of getting his college education. I know he suspects that they are using, and as a recovering addict, that has GOT to be one of the hardest things ever to endure.

God help us all. Please pray for us...

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SingingSkies said...

Prayers arising!

What a difficult situation to be in. Is there any way at all you can manage a place of your own, even if it's only a small place? I know finances are an issue; however, you may be able to qualify for assistance even if it's only until your husband graduates and is able to contribute financially again.

Maintaining sobriety is SO important to keeping things going that it may be wise to take whatever steps you can do to make it easier for both of you. Plus 8 people in a 3 bedroom house has to be quite a stressor.

If AA/Al-Anon (or any of the 12-step programs) is part of your life, have either of you talked with your sponsors? They may be able to help/make some suggestions for dealing with this situation that are more aware of what's available locally.

God bless you all!