Saturday, June 23, 2007

Not Abandoned, Just Neglected

Nope, I haven't abandoned my blog, just neglected it. No posts in May, and I will be quite honest--there probably won't be more than just this one in June!

Short catch-up: My husband--clean and sober now for almost 2 years!--is still in college, full-time and will complete his Associate degree in Clinical Laboratory Technology in May 2008, we are still living with my in-laws (more on that later, maybe), and I am still working both jobs. My daughter is still in college, 2 years down and 2 to go. She has changed her major 4 times, settling finally on an English major with a Spanish minor.

Now, here is the new stuff: My husband finished his Phlebotomy certification in May, and my sister-in-law is renting an apartment (one of those by the week or month deals) in Texas and has taken my nephew there for the summer. She seems sober, but she still doesn't have a lead on a job for when schools starts this fall.

Not very exciting, but life can't always be an adventure, can it? At least the stress level has gone WAY down, and things are more settled. Of course that's subject to change....


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