Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Crazy Busy, But Content

The way I see it, if I get to post once each month, I'm doing alright. It's been SO-O-O crazy busy, at work and at home, that I literally collapse into bed every night at 9 p.m. and get up moving at full speed every morning at 5 a.m.

But things are running so smoothly now. This all just feels right.

Oh, I'm still working two jobs and still living with my in-laws while my husband attends college full-time, but he is getting close to having a certification in Phlebotomy (part of his Clinical Laboratory Technician program) that will allow him to work part-time doing the blood draws ordered by physicians. When he finishes that at the end of May, he will try to get a weekend or evening position and I plan on turning in my notice at my part-time job during the early part of the summer.

Won't that be so fine??

We will continue to live with his parents until he actually gets his Associate degree next year, and then we will try to look for our own place or maybe look into getting a mobile home to put on our 4 acres.

Daughter is doing well in college, and made the Dean's List last semester! Hooray!

Sister-in-law appears to have stopped drinking and seems to realize that she must get a job and prove that she can provide stability if she is ever going to have custody of her son, again. So far, it's all been talk. Note the emphasis on appears and seems. We shall see....

So, life goes on at its crazy, breakneck pace, but I feel at peace with things right now.


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SingingSkies said...

Ahhhh, yes! Appears and seems. I sincerely hope they end up indicating reality. It's such a difficult struggle, full of so many potential (and actual) setbacks.

Glad everything else is running smoothly! Hope you're able to let go of one of those positions soon - and then take at least a few hours to yourself.