Thursday, March 22, 2007

Bad Attitutde (The Frustration Factor)

Where do I start? Living with my in-laws and holding a full-time AND a part-time job so that my husband--sober now almost 2 years--can attend college full-time (looking at a Spring '08 grad date, now, HOORAY), is stressful beyond what I can possibly tell you in this venue. But it gets better! My hubby's sister is an alcoholic who lost custody of her son last fall. So, my 12-year-old nephew was placed in custody of his dad. Dad is a construction worker who travels up and down the Gulf Coast, and he's gone much of the time, so stepmom is basically raising nephew right now.

Anyway, in the beginning, he spent most weekends here--in this house, with my in-laws and my husband and me. Which was okay, it ratcheted up the noise level (and the stress level!) considerably, but he IS 12, and it was only for two nights--right? Friday and Saturday, then he went home on Sunday. Then, it crept up somehow to Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Every week. *SIGH*

Last night, Wednesday night, at 8:30 (!) his stepmom called and told my mother-in-law that her daughter was spending the night at a friend's house and nephew was begging to come over here. So, now, it's Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Did I mention he takes medication for ADHD???

Sure, it's just for this week. (YEAH, RIGHT!) And I do kinda feel sorry for the kid, his mom's a flaked-out alcoholic with co-dependency issues and his dad is off working most of the time...

But, with all the other pressure, tension, and stress in my life, if THIS becomes the norm, I may have a stress-related psychotic episode.

Yeah, my attitude's bad--What about it????

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