Monday, October 09, 2006

"Fair" Weather!

The annual Fair opened last week, and the weather was actually quite pleasant. Check out that blue sky! Hurricane Rita smashed up the plans for the fair last year, so this was the first fair in two years. It was quite the event!

My husband was so enthusiastic, almost like a kid again. He and our daughter both had several days off from school, so they got to spend some quality father/daughter time at the fair (to ride ALL the rides) together. He and I went once, by ourselves, and then we all went together. It was really fun--a little expensive, since it was $3 apiece to get in and about $3 per ride (plus any food we consumed) but it was so great. And it reminded me how different our lives are than they were just a couple of years ago. I gave thanks to God for getting us through.

It was so much fun seeing all of the people we hadn't seen in years. You can really tell how life is treating people when you see them after a long period of time. I wonder what they thought of us and how we had changed?

The weather was so fine. Almost like I remember it from when our daughter was only 4 or 5 years old. It would be so cold at fair time that all the little ones on the floats in the fair parade would be shivering by the end. And they say "global warming" is a myth!

Well, it's back to the salt mines--so to speak-- for all of us today.


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Jessica Jones said...


I just had to drop by and let you know how much I truly appreciate your support and enthusiasm. It's easy to get really introverted, and think that I'm the only one on earth with my struggles, you know?

Nice to know there's someone out there who can commiserate. :-)