Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Good Weekend

I was way overdue for a good weekend, and this was it. My daughter came home from college (first time this semester) and seems so happy! She is still enamored of the older guy from Illinois, the one who has had some recent battles with drug use, but I have faith that God will bring her safely through this. She appears to be focused on having a successful semester and committed to putting her education ahead of any personal goals, right now. We had a really pleasant visit with her.

The other turbulence which has rocked our world in recent weeks seems to be calming somewhat. My sister-in-law is still really screwed up, but at the moment still has a job. Not the one she was hired to do, but a job. Her school board held an administrative hearing to determine what action to take and chose to remove her from the classroom for the rest of the year, placing her instead into an ISS (In-School Suspension) position. So she might still pull out of the nose-dive she has been in this past year. I'm not optimistic. And there is still the matter of Child Protective Services taking custody of her son and placing him in his father's home. But he (my nephew) seems happy , because he is getting to know a half-sister that he hasn't been able to spend much time with.

Tomorrow, it's back to the grind. Monday: Up at 5 am, work two jobs, come home, eat supper, clean the kitchen, check email, bed. Tuesday: same. Wednesday: same. Thursday: same. Firiday, however, NOT the same! Hubby and I have a ticket for a steak dinner, at which there will be drawing for $10,000. I went in with 9 other folkds at my office , so if we win we'll each get to bring home $1,000! But at the very least, we will have gotten a steak dinner out of the deal, right?


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