Friday, January 09, 2009

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

She is still here. (The sister-in-law who couldn't complete the rehab program.) She seems mostly sober, but sometimes over-medicated, and doesn't seem to have a plan of any kind. And I am, of course, still biting my tongue.

I know every family has its problems, but this one just seems so unbelievably dysfunctional, that I can't even BEGIN to describe it. My in-laws now have both of their 40-something children living back at home, and still have custody of their 14-year-old grandson, who is on medication for ADHD. My daughter has gone back to Baton Rouge to complete her final semester of college at LSU, so now there are only five adults, instead of six, but sister-in-law is sleeping on the couch. Not an ideal situation for anyone, but I actually have some sympathy for her.

On a positive note...Hubby had a job interview yesterday! He was so excited. He isn't going to be able to take the job, it is 45 miles away, one-way, and only pays $8.50 per hour so the commute would just cost too much. But he was very pleased with how it went, and knows that it is just a matter of time until he is able to start working. It's going to get better, I just know it is.

When I got back to work this week, my computer had bitten the dust. Completely. Not a tragedy, because I actually saved everything to an external hard drive, so no data was lost. The tech who came to look at it said to just order a new computer. (It had crashed two years ago, and they were able to resuscitate it.) The next day, guess what? My external hard drive wouldn't power on! SERIOUSLY, HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN??? Anyway, the hard disk itself was still usable, and they were able to save all of the data to an 8GB flash drive.

But, you can't make this stuff up and one day, I am going to publish my memoirs. It will be very painful, describing the addicted years, but I am certain it will be cathartic as well.

Buon Giorno, Arrivederci

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