Friday, December 22, 2006

Peace on Earth (Or at Least in My World)

Here is my entire Christmas wish list: Peace. I just want everyone to get along. I want "Peace" and quiet. I want "Peace" of mind. And yes, Peace on Earth would be nice, too.

Sister-in-law is still strolling around in the clouds, but she's planning to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day here with her parents, my husband and I, our daughter, and her son. There will be 7 of us (Count 'em: SEVEN) in a two bedroom house, where the living room has been modified to form a third (my and my husband's) bedroom. I just hope she can hold it together long enough to get through Christmas. She seems to be drinking less, but I won't even speculate that she has her drinking "under control". GMAC came to the door hunting her the other day--remember that she and her then-boyfriend flipped her not-yet-paid-for car, the one on which she had let the insurance policy lapse. She has yet to mention this issue to anyone. Right now, she's obsessed with spending her last paycheck on Christmas. No mention of when she might work again to try to get custody of her son, or what she will do when this money is gone... but that's not my problem in any way, shape or form, is it??

God help us all, when she gets here.

Daughter and husband made most excellent grades on their final exams: Daughter made 4, A's and one B, Husband made 4, B's and one A. (Not bad for a 43-year-old man who'd been out of school for more years than he wants to admit.)

I betcha this is gonna be a Christmas to remember. I hope I have time to update here afterwards.

And I hope I can find at least one of the kinds of "Peace" I have been wishing for!


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