Thursday, May 18, 2006


Okay, confession time. Not only have I not updated in loooong time...I was actually considering de-activating my blog. I find that working two jobs is rather all-consuming. But with several minutes to myself, I am reconsidering--perhaps I will update, instead.

My 43-year-old, formerly drug-addicted husband just successfully completed his first semester (in many years) of full-time college in preparation for becoming a certified medical lab technician. I am so proud!

My 18-year-old daughter just successfully completed her freshman year of college, too, and with a 3.0 average! She plans to become a high school English teacher.

We are still living with my in-laws. Not the most ideal situation, but I just have to remind myself to keep my eyes on the prize and don't sweat the small stuff.

My only real concern at this point is that my daughter (she is 18, remember?) has become infatuated with a 33-year-old divorced man from Illinois, with a drug problem. She has been communicating with him via phone, chat, webcam and email. And she talks to his mother and his children as well. She thinks all of this contact means that she "knows" him. And, she thinks because he allowed himself to be put into rehab for a couple of days he is "recovered". She wanted to go visit him (at his expense). I flatly forbid her to go. Sure, she is an adult and could have gone anyway. But I told her she would park the car at home (it's in my name), and all of her funding would dry up if she went to see him. (It's scholarship money, but I manage it.) She was angry at first, but she got over it.

Then, I told her that it would be better for him to spend that money on a ticket for himself, so he could visit her here and we could all meet him and judge for ourselves what kind of a guy he was.
She was satisfied with that, and says that he is agreeable, but it hasn't happened yet. Will keep you posted....

And, I reminded her, without mincing words, not to forget the hell we all lived through during her dad's various drug addictions. Trouble is, while she was aware that there were drug-related problems, she probably never knew the extent of them. The times when our utilities were disconnected, however briefly, because daddy spent the bill money on dope and had to borrow some more. The times when he was "coming down" off of one thing or another, and we got into horrendous and sometimes physical fights. The times when he told us that he was "working late" (but was really laid up at someone's house getting fucked up). She wasn't even born during the worst of it--the cocaine and the methamphetamine addictions--thank goodness.

I will try not to let so much time go by next time.



Jessica Jones said...


Thank you so much for your awesome message. I wish you and your husband all the joy and strength in the world. You guys are on a hard path, but I believe that you're worthy adversaries.

Anyways, best of luck with your daughter--she's at such an impressionable age. I hope she doesn't get in over her head with a man carrying A LOT of baggage.



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Anonymous said...

Well, the guy doesn't give his name or any dates . . . kind of suspicious, don't you think?